Anyone feel that an overabundance “tacticool” gear and attachments is a bit emersion breaking?

This may be adjusted in the final product as we are just testers, but I feel like the shit tone of available aftermarket mods for weapons and the sheer availability of them can come off as a bit silly. Like, it's fine seeing an M4 with a cool stock or an AK with an ergonomic foregrip and a picatinny rail on the handguard, but when every high level player you kill is running a space laser looking AR, I can't help but feel that it looks kind of dumb. I know Nikita want's to turn Tarkov into a playable gun wiki, but I feel the game would be more immersive if aftermarket parts were less available. I'm not saying get rid of them, but maybe locking certain parts to some in raid trader or only making them available in certain lore specific areas (USEC camp, KIBA). I feel like this would make weapon modding feel more significant and personal while reducing the amount of ridiculous looking min/max builds. I'm probably alone in feeling this, but it'd be cool to see more stock/low-medium modded weapons on players.


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