Are Headsets OP?

I made this discussion because i want to hear opinions and some reasons for them. So please, try to remain civil ^-^ If you think that they need a nerf or a buff of some sort, do tell us what you think would make them more balanced.

Ok, my opinion is that they are a bit too strong.

The reason for this is that they make such a difference that playing without them is a huge handicap. I don't think that they are all that bad though, as they are easy to get and cheap. There is a reason why i don't run without them. using a helmet without a headset for the most part is a good way to get stabbed in the arse.

Sure, the Gssh is really cheap and can be worn with a lot of helmets, great. The biggest issue comes with the more expensive headsets. Now sure, they are expensive for a reason, they are better so the cost balances it out. But i have just now realized how good they are along with the Sordins and the Tacsports. It could just be me, but i can feel like i can hear steps and movement way better with them.

I would suggest nerfing all headsets a bit. Not by reducing their effectiveness, but by adding a mechanic that would have negative effects on the user. Like a concussion type effect when there is a loud enough noise. The effect could last anywhere between 5 – 20 seconds depending on the noise and the distance. This would give some people a reason to go without a headset, and occasionally help newer players that don't know or don't have access to them.

Im interested in your opinions on the matter! Also, English isn't my native language, so don't be a grammar nazi


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