Being a lobby host is truly great

It's hard to imagine not playing as a host anymore. You just have so much control. The in game settings can make for a VASTLY different experience. I can't handle speed higher then 1.5 and it seems most of the public lobbies have 2.0 or higher.

The single best thing about being host is the ability to ban people from the lobby. Those being toxic, those who are hacking, and best of all those who are cheating (such as teaming.)

I had a game today on MIRA HQ (such an underrated map.) I got imposter along with purple. First round went great. Two kills between the two of us. Best of all the crewmates were sussing another crewmate out cuz cyan claimed he saw a crewmate vent. This was gonna be perfect! I play with confirms on so this will surely backfire on cyan and he'd be the perfect scapegoat next round.

Second round starts and I get ready for my next kill. I sabo the lights and vent closely around the reactor. I catch someone just outside decontamination. Excellent! Boom perfect kill. A bit more time passes and a different body gets called. A crewmate immediately points out that cyan sussed out an innocent first round. I begin to type out "maybe cyan?" and just before I could send it both cyan and white spam the chat with "blue killed blue killed!" Normally I would accept the results and think maybe they saw me somehow and my kill wasn't clean. However the kill I did wasn't reported. I try to do some damage control but its too late. I get voted out.

I do my best to trigger the right sabos for my other imposter. It was down to 5 and he managed to get a solid kill on someone. Shortly after cyan and white come up to body and said "purple killed our friend!" Yep. I knew it. Fucking teamers.

I felt bad for purple but we would soon have our revenge. I call out the ones teaming and say "Looks like we got a couple teamers here! Time to ban!" They weren't too pleased as they saw their bros being banned one by one. After the last ban the rest of the lobby cheered and we proceeded to have a few more good games.

It's because of stuff like this that I can't play without being host now. It really sucks to have a solid imposter round go down the drain cuz a couple of bros like to be in a discord call with each other.


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