Biggest Odyssey Disappointment

I've read all the performance and grinding complaints about Odyssey – all of that rings true and is a bummer. But the biggest complaint in my mind is the lack of integration between the core game and the ground game.

The first salvage mission I did, I saw the dropship coming with guys to ambush me, and I ran back to my Anaconda, ready to rain devastation down on the ground pounders. How surprised was I when the 5 guys with their hand-held weapons were able to drive me off – eating through my shields and chewing up my hull faster than I would have believed. Clearly, Frontier does not want you do jump back in your ship – but how ridiculous is that? It also means all sorts of new adds to the game don't exist – special new dropships you can buy to throw you into combat fast, anti-personnel turrets on ships, air superiority battles over ground combat zones – all the things I would think would be the HIGHLIGHTS of a ship-based game adding ground combat are totally missing. We should love our ships more than ever, but instead it's like there are two totally separate games that are thinly patched together.

Odyssey gave me a few weeks of fun – but I think I may be off ED now for good, after years and more than a thousand hours. SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL!


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