Bitcoin farm pointless?

Hi guys, as a newish player I was wondering if the requirements to build the bitcoin farm aren't too high. I mean, I'm level 19 and I'm still far away from being able to build it. I still have to improve a lot of zones in the hideout and I have maybe 25% of the items required for them. I think that, unless I'm very lucky and I strike gold in some raids, earning millions, I'm going to be able to build it between level 30 and 40. Considering the actual bitcoin price is it going to be worth the trouble? Atm I'm sitting on 19m stash value with a little more than 1 mln cash (just spent nearly 1.5mill on item boxes) and a stable bitcoin income would help me a lot but at level 35/40 I think it will be just a drop in the sea.
Looking at the graph in the wiki it seems that with 1 gpu you get a bc every 40 hours. Considering the fuel costs the revenue is minimal. To reach a bc/day you need nearly 17gpus, that's nearly 14mlns if you buy then on the flea.
Alright, I'm not a pro player so I'm probably much poorer than the average player and probably a lot of people have more hideout upgrades at my level but still, I don't think that a regular player can build the farm before level 30ish. And I think that at this level the income you get from the bc farm is just a small portion of your daily income.
In my opinion we should be able to unlock the farm earlier, maybe with just 1 or 2 gpus slot. That way you give low level players a reason to keep their generators running and you give them a small income boost. And of course they should improve the farm at higher levels too, to make it profitable for the highest levels too.


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