Bones. Parts or leather? (Not serious)

When organizing your base its common to label your boxes. Either having them memorized or marked, unless you are a junk-box mouth breather. If that's the case I smh.

Its time we talk about where bones go! I put my bones in the leather box, not the monster parts. Monster parts go to things like Greydwarf Eyes, nails, chains, and bees. However bones; they go into the leather box. They are THE leather of the bone boys; if you argue against this then we are just going to have to agree to disagree.

Think about it! The many animals leathers + Feathers. This doesn't fill an iron box! (I mean, unless you just have that much!) But the parts? Do you know how many of my friends bases have specific boxes for dwarf eyes! These Parts Boxes are just too full of all stuff. It makes sense to make some leeway with out organization, Vikings. Put your bones in the leather box; you get them the same way as leather anyways!

Now I'm going to intercept a bit of criticism before I get hit by it. "But OP, what about chains? By this logic the chains are the 'leather' of the wraiths'. Your wrong. The Wraiths are ghosts, and ghosts got no skin. Smh.

'But OP, what about wood? Thats the leather of greydwarfs' Yes. Yes it is. Put that in the leather box too. Put your gold from fulings in the leather box. Put ooze and needles and Surtling Cores in the leather box.

Now this will create a problem; your leather box is going to get full. So what I suggest doing is to simplify your organization process by introducing a third box called 'Monster leather'. In this box we'll put all the bones, needles, cores and ooze, while keeping all the animal leathers in the animal leather box.

Go now with my wisdom, but be warned. If I see a god damn chain anywhere near your leather box I'm going to tear my hair out.


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