Campers need to be Tagged+Cursed

I caved. I never thought I'd be the guy that makes a pissed off reddit post complaining about the game but I'm fed up.

Extract and normal campers need to start having repercussions. I have solely died to campers (across all maps, all positions on the map) ATLEAST 80% of all deaths in the past month. Extract campers probably being 50%, traffic area campers 30%. Probably lost upwards up 10mill rubles to them in total from loot. Is this just what happens this late in wipe? Is this the extent of the gameplay thats to be had now? No hatchlings nono you need gear, oh to get gear you gotta be prepared to lose any and all of it by someone hiding with a hunter. It was mostly extract campers at first but now its random parts of random maps. I just got firing squadded by a duo on interchange with M61 15 minutes remaining in the map because they were hidden on two different points overwatching the entrance and escape route of the Kiba door. Not even a remote chance to ever see or fight back. I didn't even open it I just walked past as a PMC being dead silent. The map had been dead silent the entire match, absolutely no movement from them. Its either that or BFG needs to stop punishing PVP gameplay and start punishing rat gameplay so we aren't penalized for trying to fight eachother. The way they've set up the game to this point directly encourages this bullshit and for such a great game it completely breaks it.


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