Can we PLEASE get more varied SRVs?

In over a millennium, we could probably develop a better vehicle than a rover with jets. It gets the job done, sure, but come on. I'm struggling to climb mountains at 0.07G. IRL tanks can practically climb trees. I feel like there could be more specialized SRVs, like one more rugged, heavier and able to create downthrust, maybe one for mining that could get a better scanner or something, and one for combat, with better armor and guns. Each would have their own pros and cons; I'd imagine weight would be higher for all three, less speed, maybe less mobility, and don't do as well as the current SRV outside of their designated jobs.

It already looks like it has the same or similar outfitting setup as a fighter hangar. New SRVs seem to be somewhat planned for, but unless Odessy released some that nobody ever talks about, its just the one fast, fragile, moderately able to climb, "hit one rock at any speed above a crawl and you'll get flung", little buggy.


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