Can we take a moment and be thankful that BSG has a vision for their game?

I've been playing Tarkov back when there was only Factory, Customs, Woods (And woods didn't have AI yet). I remember clicking on the traders button and at the top seeing "Dealers, Flea Market, Auctions" however Flea Market and Auctions were not implemented yet. Traders had the "tasks" button but it was not available at the time. I remember clicking on "Escape from Tarkov" and seeing "Scav unavailable" (Feature not implemented yet). I remember there were 2 time phases when clicking on a raid but only 1 was available.

It's nice being able to see these planned features by BSG for a long time. We didn't have to scream out "We need a flea market in the game!" or "We should be able to play as scavs!"

Thank you for having an awesome vision for your game BSG.


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