Can we talk about quest keys?

So I can’t be the only one that has found that the recent FiR item changes have made questing in general a huge pain in the ass, and enough of a money sink to ensure that the majority of quests requiring keys don’t actually reward the player.

Now in the past, expensive quest keys have been offset by them being re-sellable after the quest is complete, but the FiR changes have obviously made this impossible. This has inflated the value of the keys even more, due to the already rare spawns being “used up” by one player.

Now I thought about potential solutions to this, as I believe that providing potential solutions is the most effective way to bring attention to a problem and open a dialogue about it.

-Fixed spawns for keys required for quests, not necessarily on the same map, meaning that it takes extra effort to complete the quest by first running a raid to get the key

-A new “quest item” tag on the keys that allow them to be resold on the flea after use, there could be extra steps added to prevent instant flipping of quest items, say a 1 week cool down between when you purchase them and when you can sell them

Feel free to give me your opinions on this below, even if it’s just a simple “git gud and find the keys on scavs and in jackets by praying to rngesus”


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