Characters that deserve cards #7 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

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Heyy! We're back with more characters from the Witcher books that need their cards in the game. This,time, we're focusing on the merchants/businessmen of the Witcher world. That's it for the introduction, let's get started.

Vera Loewenhaupt – a merchant whose speciality were wicker products, she owned a company named Vera Loewenhaupt & Sons (Vera Loewenhaupt i Synowie), but it was implied that her sons (we don't know their names and even how many there are) weren't very interested in helping their mother's business, but rather in wasting her money. She was tall and massive and wore a coat and the earrings. She is one of the listeners of Jaskier's (Dandelion's) concert on the glade under the ancient oak Bleobheris, where she tells everyone that she met Geralt twice: in Wyzima, where he disenchanted pricess Adda from her Striga form and later at Merchant's Trail (Kupiecki Trakt), where he killed a Griffin (Gryf). When Geralt, Jaskier and Milva are travelling to Nilfgaard in order to find Ciri, they find Vera's body and her wagon on their way, she was robbed and killed by marauders or common bandits, who took even her earrings.

Dainty Biberveldt – a halfling merchant, farmer and horse breeder from Knotweed Meadow (Rdestowa Łąka) and an old acquaintance of Jaskier. We meet him, or rather Dudu the doppler who took his appearance in the tavern in Novigrad. The impostor was eating breakfast there when Jaskier and Geralt came in to make him pay for their visit in Passiflora, because they were broke. Suddenly the real Dainty enters the room with visible signs of attack. It turned out that the doppler robbed him and took his persona. Geralt immobilized Dudu with a silver chain reaviling his true form, but the doppler managed to escape, after telling Dainty that he sold his horses and bought what seemed like some random junk with his money. The halfling was devastaded because he thought that Dudu destroyed his business and reputation, but after a visit to Vivaldi's bank it was revealed that because the revolution in Poviss the price of cochineal (one of the products that Dudu bought as Dainty, cochineal as a red dye became valuable because the colour of the Thyssenids who took the power in Poviss is red) has skyrocketed and turned a huge profit for Biberveldt. After everything, Dainty started to introduce Dudu as his cousin, Dudu Biberveldt and made him his representative in Novigrad.

Bernie Hofmeier – a halfling farmer from Hirundum near the Temerian city of Gors Velen. He hired Geralt to investigate what happened to the boy who drowned in a pond, although he didn't believe that there was any monster. His wife Petunia comes from Biberveldt family and he says she's mean like all of her relatives when she refuses to bring him and Jaskier more beer. He also has three kids: Franklin, who is interested in mages catching thunders, Cynia and Tangerinka. He is pretty down to earth and he hopes that the mage convention in Thanedd brings a positive change because both Scoia'tael and regular armies were constantly running over his fields, destroying his cabbage.

Vimme Vivaldi – a dwarf that runs Vivaldi's Bank in Novigrad. He had an impressive belly that made the buttons on his velvety, maroon coat to barely clutch up and a long, well kept, white beard stained with ink. He talks to Geralt, Jaskier and Dainty about the profit that Dudu made Dainty (although he wasn't aware that it wan't actually Dudu making those trades and was impressed by "Dainty's" genius moves). During "Season of the Storms" ("Sezon Burz") he buys the book "Ymago mundi" on an auction where Geralt's swords were also sold in Borsodi's Auction House. He is also an NPC in "The Witcher 3" and has a larger role in "Hearts of Stone" ("Serca z Kamienia") DLC, when he attends the auction with Geralt who was trying to bring Olgierd "Maksymilian Borsodi's House". In the game he can loan us money, exchange currency or play Gwent with us.

Molnar Giancardi – an incredibly obese dwarf with expensive and elegant clothes and white beard who runs Giancardi's Bank in Gors Velen in Temeria. Yennefer and Ciri come to him before attending a mage convention on Thanned Island. He loans them a sum of money that will buy Yennefer a dress, pay for her accomodation during the convention and cover Ciri's yearly tuition in Aretuza without interest because Yen helped him and his family during the pogrom in Vengerberg. He tells Yen that Geralt visited the town of Dorian, where he got into debt with a loan shark working for him and headed to Hirundum where local farmers hired him. He offers to remit Geralt's debt, but Yennefer tells him to contact Hirundum farmers and raise Geralt's reward. He send his clerk, Fabio Sachs the Younger to accompany her in exploring Gors Velen. (Fabio is a son of a well know merchant, Fabio Sachs the Elder and when he grows up he becomes an explorer who gets a cape named after him and dies far from home on an unknown desease at the age 54). He attends an auction in "Season of the Storms" where he on Yennefer's request buys Geralt's swords with Yen's money.


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