Cheating is out of control over the past week

I am a fairly new player and honestly I thought the level of cheaters was perhaps a bit overstated when I originally began playing as for the first few weeks I did not see a single one.

The last week? I have seen multiple per day, I am not talking a one shot from across the map "Oh, must of been a cheater" I am talking sliding around at the speed of sound, people forcing me to drop my own weapon, being invisible and yelling taunts etc.

It has now reached the point where I don't want to play anymore – it has spoiled the game.

I was really looking forward to the wipe but if anything they will likely get worse as it becomes more popular – is something going to be done?

I know this is a problem as old as time – have the developers considered a new way of thinking like perhaps mobile phone number authentication like some titles are doing recently? Seems to be working better than anything developers or anti cheat have come up with in the last ten years.


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