Chinese fans throwing a tantrum about LGD losing are pathetic

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

Saying they want to quit the game because their region got 2nd place instead of first?

How fucking spoiled are you to cry about a 2nd place TI finish

Why do TI results even effect your ability to enjoy the game?

As an NA fan I find this behaviour disgusting and pathetic

If their region not winning TI for a few years (despite getting 2nd twice) makes them want to quit they should re evaluate why they even watch dota.

Is masturbating about Chinese superiority over other regions that important to your pathetic fragile ego? Does this all come from some jingoistic nationalist place? Where losing to ‘inferior’ whites is unacceptable?

Grow the fuck up

All this does is reinforce what we already know – that TI is the hardest competition to win in all of esports, and having the most skilled and successful team is no guarantee of anything.


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