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First of, props for the recent patch, lots of good stuff. However, clog wasn't really addressed as an idea, and it bothers me. Can the devs unilaterally confirm that they stand firmly behind exacerbating the arguably worst thing about card games, and keeping it as a straight up mechanic?

Burza said that it is sometimes hard to differentiate between a very vocal minority or a majority of the player base. So let my usually silent voice (which I've felt to be the majority of players idea in this specific) be reflected in the following:

Clog sucks. It's worse than mill, and notably so. This is because it turns every match against it into a match with the worst possible RNG. With mill you can partially play around it, and they have to get lucky on what they mill. But with clog, the only gold you'll be seeing after round 1 is Cynthia's Golem. It's frustrating and it feels absolutely pointless. If you don't draw your golds in round 1, it's game over then and there, most likely.

I don't know how you fix this, as I don't have any experience in CCG development. My suggestion would be allowing us to shuffle our deck before round drawing or mulligan, or just introducing more deck shuffles into the game. Any tutor card should shuffle the deck imo, as you would in a physical card game, but I know most don't in Gwent (tested in 8.2 extensively thanks to the "varied" meta). I suggest this because, while it will still suck to play against clog, at least you have a chance to get something good, rather than a guaranteed draw order.

Apologies for the rant. I was hoping to see less clog this patch, and I am, but still quite a bit of it, and it's just not fun.

TL-DR: Clog is basically bad RNG molded into a deck, and this wasn't adressed really.


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