Comms update

Sabatoge in the game is very useful for imposters. The lights massively lower your fov, reactor and o2 can be game killers, but comms just stops you from knowing where your tasks are, disables security, and stops task bar updates.(which Is pretty useless now because of the beta update) Comms is the worst sabatoge in among us hands down. I think there are a number of improvements to be made to comms.

-makes tasks much harder to complete

Let's say I'm on my way to do my wires and comms gets called. Most players just ignore it and just do their task and wait for others to fix it. And sometimes no one bothers to fix the sabatoge because they already know where their tasks are. If comms made already existing tasks much harder to complete this could direct players to more actively fix it. An example of harder tasks would be:
Wires are in black and white with very small differences between each wire. If you mess up the task resets and you have to re match the wires.
Trash chute has a high chance of getting jammed. You have to dig trash out and start emptying out again.
Every canister you fill has a 1/4 chance of bursting, meaning you have to redo it.
Leaves are increased by a lot
Watering can is much harder to spot

-not fixing comms for (x) seconds will add a short task for everyone. (Able to be toggled in settings)

These 2 additions to comms I think will make a more useful sabatoge in my opinion


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