Devs need to Change the How they Handle Adding New Resources

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As it stands valheims current system is disincentivizing players from engaging and exploring in the game and instead incentivizes them to touch nothing until full release- directly counteracting the advantages of an early access title.

This is because as updates go now, when adding new resources like Tar Pits or Onion seeds, the resources will only spawn in areas that have not yet been visited by ANY players on the server. If anyone has been to the spot or charted the area the new items cannot spawn there.

This means, if your like me, you may have spent hours charting a completely new continent only to make it less worthwhile. Or, also like me, if you’ve had a server of 10 (or more) active players and now huge chunks of the map won’t spawn the materials you’re looking for causing you to search for hours for a territory that no one has touched yet.

This could be a big liability for the mistlands update as most have at least walked through significant portions of those biomes by now as it’s an EXPLORATION BASED GAME. Irongate should really strive to change how these updates affect existing worlds if possible.


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