[Discussion] My Among Us fanmade roles

So I made 4 fanmade roles, 2 for crewmates and 2 for impostors.

Crewmate roles

Detective: Based on Among You, there will be pieces of DNA from crewmates on the ground that you have to find. You can see them as a tiny white sparkle on the ground. When you go over it, you can press the search button to pick it up as evidence, which takes around 5 seconds, leaving you vulnerable. The detective's goal is to find all the evidence and call a meeting to get out the impostor. You have to vote out the person without any evidence to support their innocence. To make sure you don't vote out the wrong person, you have to get a certain amount of evidence depending on how many impostors there are. 1 impostor = Find 9 evidence; 2 impostors = Find 8 evidence; 3 impostors = Find 7 evidence. There can only be 1 detective in a game and since they are dangerous for the impostor(s), they become a target for the impostor(s), so detectives have to be careful or have a crewmate proven innocent to protect them. Detective always wear a hat exclusive to detectives, so crewmates will already know they're safe. Detectives cannot do tasks or fix sabotages.

Assassin: The Assassin is a crewmate that can kill impostors, however, they won't know who the impostor(s) is right away. When a crewmate dies, the assassin will get a notification that the crewmate has died and who killed them. To balance this out, assassins cannot report bodies, call meetings, nor talk during meetings. Assassins have to do a task in front of other crewmates to prove their innocence. Assassins cannot kill crewmates, vent, or sabotage. Also, impostors can kill assassins, as assassins count as crewmates.

Impostor roles

Trickster: Tricksters cannot kill crewmates directly. Instead, they can lay nearly invisible bear traps that can hurt crewmates. However, when a crewmate gets caught, they won't die immediately, they have 40 seconds to get to med bay and heal themselves on the scanner before they bleed out an die. During this time, the injured crewmate is slower, leaving them vulnerable to regular impostors. Also, if an injured crewmate gets caught by another bear trap, they die immediately. If a crewmate sees an injured crewmate, they can call a meeting to get them healed immediately. Injured crewmates can do this as well if they can't get to the scanner on time. Tricksters can lay bear traps on a cooldown, and crewmates can still see and avoid them if they are careful. Also, when tricksters vent, they can vent to any vent they want to. For example in Skeld, as a trickster, you can vent from reactor all the way to navigations without coming out. So basically, just like the vent system in Mira HQ.

Hacker: Hackers are regular impostors, but their sabotage abilities is where they shine. When hackers sabotage, they are more effective than sabotages made by regular impostors. Sabotaged door are closed for longer, comms are harder to fix, sabotaging lights, makes everything except a small area around you pitch black, and there is 5 seconds less time to fix o2 or reactor. However, hackers have a weakness that regular impostors don't have. It's that whenever a hacker kills a crewmate, other crewmates get a notification saying that crewmate has died, but it won't say who killed them. Also, when a hacker vents, crewmates will get a notification saying something like, "Someone has vented from Electrical to Medbay." This way, it'll be easier to find out who the hacker is.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/k4vll8/discussion_my_among_us_fanmade_roles/

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