Do you think it would be good for the game to put a huge restriction on what could be place in a secure container during raid?

The way the game is made right now is that the best loot locations is known by everyone. Instead of being a scavaging game, it becomes a race to the loot.

One of the main problem with the current secure container is that most loot can be stash in it meaning that even after killing a naked, the killer is left with nothing.

I would like to see people opinion about restricting the secure container usage. I would love to see how the game would play out if you could put everything you could right now in it while in your stash, but not during a raid.

What I mean by that is that only a few items like keys, cards, money and dogtag could be put in the secure container during raid. You can still take extra ammo, med and w/e in your container, but you can't just secure a graphic card in there.

The way I see it this would reduce the race to the loot since people would also have to extract. Downside could be more extract camper, but at less we're talking about people with a gun that aren't speedrunning the map. Opinion?


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