Don’t be me

spend 7 hours straight on customs running pistol only to complete "The extortionist"

Actually pick up the unknown key 2.5 hours in and stick it in container

Spend another 2 hours running to shack, getting doc and get killed
Pick up documents, run to car/portapotty, miss the jump and get killed by scav sniper

Get to shack, pick up documents, miss the jump, hide in bush until 7 minutes left

Forget to check energy/hydration
Jump over dumpster and barbed wire on pipe

Find energy and water at 0

Use water, go to use crackers and press discard by mistake

Spend 3 mins looking for crackers, no joy. Hobble to new gas station and drink apple juice from shelf

Run across bridge, timer runs out past barrier to cross roads

Load in at dawn, run and get documents, run to zb-1011, without hitting any scavs or PMC,
find stash in corner "Woohoo, gas analyser!"

Extract successful

Realise I'd accidentally hit offline raid

Cry for the rest of the day.

Don't be me


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  • Devin Hartman 05.04.2021 in 16:48

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