DOTA2 Stream featuring Russia trolls

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I created a new layout for my twitch stream channel with some information about this case integrated into the layout. So come check out my twitch stream and my game with the Russia trolls.

The basic setup is as follows:

When I queue for a match, I don't actually queue for a random match like everyone else, instead I'm queueing for a game with Russia trolls. Basically every player in the game, except me, will be a Russia troll. But they're just ordinary citizens who have been recruited by the Russians, and those players probably don't even know what's up with the queue. Then they'll have to repeat certain cues, and there may be some coordination on like voice chat, etc.

Also note that most commenters I get are Russia trolls. Please just try and be friendly and also do not start arguing over this, almost everyone who starts that type of argument is one of these Russia trolls in these threads.

There's also an image of a Russia troll with Herald II medal and 11133 commends, which would indicate approximately 20000 matches or something of that magnitude. This is of course not realistic, and the person probably does not have that value of commends. Not that it's impossible, given DOTA has been around for a long time, but that they're also a Russia troll, and a Herald II, doesn't really add up. So that means some sort of hack is involved which allows displaying information not actually out there.

So come check the stream out over here:

I also created a subreddit on the topic of Russian espionage if you're interested:

I also wrote some DOTA2 guides and created a subreddit for them:


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