Engineering an exploration ship for atmospheric landings

Hey, so I'm an explorer about to head out into the black again, but first I'm doing an engineering run to better kit out my Asp Explorer. (I know there are better ships but you just can't beat that cockpit view) I also wanted to wait for Odyssey to release since it's only a week away and I'll be away from Shinrarta Dezhra for months.

To those that played the beta, what should I know about atmospheric landings? Like, should I engineer a thermal resistant shield or stick with my stripped down one? (I know I don't need shields as an explorer, but I love landing on planets and sometimes fly under the influence)

tl;dr: What's the difference between atmospheric and non-atmospheric landings? What gear/engineering preparations could a slightly careless explorer make so their carelessness won't cause hull damage or a rebuy?


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