Dota2 with russians

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So im 4k mmr not that high obviously, I play like 2-3 games a day and any of those games that a russians in it its ruined for sure, some of them dont talk some of them flame for literally nothing and some dont even play just afk, last night I found a game after 20minutes and there was a russian who marked mid and another guy politely asked him if he can mid instead after he spoke in his own language (prob insulting) the guy gave up and picked a carry u wont believe what happened next the russian guy stopped everything picked tiny and followed the carry, like wtf? he didnt even argue with him for mid the moment he started typing russian he gave up and marked top for pos1 carry didnt even argue with him but the russian guy didnt care he followed him just because he asked him if he can mid, these kind of people cant be allowed in dota2 they just ruin everyones fucking experience, not to be racist or anything but give them a server and ban them from playing on any other server so everyone can play the god damn game hapily, this is so important valve, everyones done with them.


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