Would you like to see something like daily tasks added?

This is my 1st wipe so maybe this is a terrible take or something that happens every wipe and its just new to me. But the people in this game seem to play more slow and boring as the wipe goes on and I cant really figure out why.

At the start of the wipe even though people are broke, they have tasks that require them to move around the map, so they did so. Now that everyone is done with tasks and has 100 mil rubbles, everyone just lurks. There is no incentive to move around the map, so why would they? They dont need the small loot, and they dont have a task that require them to go somewhere, so they just plant themselves in a building and wait. Its honestly made the PvP stale and boring, even though everyone has better gear and so it should in theory be more active and fun. Dying is more frustrating and killing is less fun when the fight is about who moves and makes a mistake first.

This isnt purely on BSG as this is a PvP game with alot of people who for w/e reason shy away from PvP, but usally those type of people are task oriented gamers. They like the idea of building their rubble count, hide out, completing all the tasks etc. This leads to the PvPers rushing high tier buildings like Dorms, Resort etc because thats where they feel like the only good pvp is, and the rest of the map being pretty quiet, and the action those parts of the map do see are usually really fast, some chad gunning down an unsuspecting timmy with m995's. Honestly in my opinion it completely ruins the flows of the maps. Maps like Customs and Shoreline were way more fun at the beginning of the wipe when fights broke out over all the questing hubs.

Adding some sort of daily tasks would not only give the task oriented gamers a reason to stick around longer, helping keep the player base up, but it would also fix the flow of the maps in my opinion. They wouldnt have to be anything crazy like jeager tasks, just simple things like plant markers, turn in player dog tags, loot quest items. Just a reason for people to move.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/n9ccdn/would_you_like_to_see_something_like_daily_tasks/

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