Draft Mode Changes – Glad they are working on this mode, but I have some feedback. What do you think?

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So I am super glad they are working on this mode again, which was languishing for about a year or so now.

The pick and replace new cards feature is nice, but I do have a caveat to pick a bone over. While I like the idea of picking new cards to help get a better deck, I would like the idea to be able to lock our existing deck in place and not have to choose. Example: I had a killer deck that I won 4 in a row off the bat, that was gutted by having on the remove section to remove cards I didn't want to – and not giving me the option to remove the cards I just added (so I could keep the same deck).

That said, I really enjoy this mode and look forward to spending some of my gold ore on it when it finally gets fleshed out. How do you guys like the changes?

One idea I had was to allow 1 of the 3 commander selections always match the commander you have equipped. So if you take in a Monster commander, you'd always have one of the 3 picks be a monster commander perk. I feel most of the redrafts are people wanting to get a specific commander skill?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/p60gwu/draft_mode_changes_glad_they_are_working_on_this/

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