New idea. Add Titans. But do it differently and make it look epic.

We already know that Titanfall and apex take place in the same universe. And I doubt that Vinson dynamics wouldn't want the opportunity to advertise their products. I heard the devs say were going to add them but that Titans couldn't work. I have a bit of a different idea, Here's how it could happen:

First of all, only one Titan per match, and its a unique gamemode separate from the rest of the game. Spawns in a random spot once everyone has landed Secondly they aren't like the ones from Titanfall. They look a little different and have infinite health. Here's the catch. The cockpit is completely exposed and so enemy players will have to shoot into the cockpit to get the Titan all to themselves. The Titan is always the same. One arm is a heavy machine gun and the other shoots a slow moving rocket. The machine gun will overheat and the rocket takes five seconds to reload. The Titan can also destroy some environmental things such as the wooden bridges in the swamp by walking into it or using the rocket.

The Titan also has an ability which depends on the Legend using it. Legends will also say their match opening Quip to all remaining players when entering the cockpit. When a pilot is knocked down the Titan will crouch and the pilot will fall out.

Here are the abilities:

Bloodhound: Reveals all enemies in an incredibly large radius to All players for 10 seconds. Basically wallhack. Titans eye flashes red and makes a deeper and longer version of Bloodhound's ability noise. Recharges 20 seconds after the effect ends and is automatically available as soon as Bloodhound enters the cockpit.

Gibraltar: Shoots a projectile similar to Bangalore's smoke. Not active when Gibraltar enters the Titan. Basically his ult but 50% smaller and 25% as long. Takes 10 seconds to recharge. Activates the second the grenade hits the ground. Gibraltar lets out a laugh.

Lifeline: Creates a large dome around the Titan similar to Gibraltar's. Takes 15 seconds to recharge. The Titan cannot move or fire weapons for 10 seconds and the dome disappears when this runs out. Lifeline says "Come here. I'll protect ya!". If entire squad is dead Lifeline sadly says "Deployin' a protective shield.."

Pathfinder: Throws a teammate or enemy far away. Throwing allies allows them to use their rocket packs (from dropping out of the ship) and throwing enemies just throws them. Enemies armour is depleted completely when thrown at a wall. Can be used infinitely. Pathfinder looks his victim in the eyes and enthusiastically says "Have fun!" or "Have fun friend!"

Octane: Titan jumps allowing it to get on top of wide buildings such as the market or close distance quickly. Not active when Octane enters the Titan and has a 10 second cooldown. Octane says his usual jump pad lines. Can only be used while the Titan is moving and can be used as a backstep. Instantly kills enemies in a small zone where he lands.

Wraith: Titan disappears without any noise or particle effects for 7 seconds. Not active when Wraith enters the Titan. Can't deal damage while invisible. Says nothing so enemies don't know what happened.

Bangalore: Shoots a flare into the sky that creates her ult which starts from her position. Not active when Bangalore enters the Titan. Takes 20 seconds to recharge. 20% less wide but just as long. Bangalore says her usual ult lines.

Caustic: Shoots a projectile similar to Bangalore's smoke. Not active when Caustic enters the Titan. Takes 10 seconds to recharge. Instead of Bangalore's smoke its his Nox gas and instead of 3 grenades its 2. basically his ult times 2. Caustic says his usual ult lines.

Mirage: goes invisible for 3 seconds and summons a hologram of the Titan that walks around shoots at enemies for 7 seconds but deals no damage. Hologram summoning is like Lifeline's ult but a huge amount more range. Not particle effects. Active when Mirage enters the Titan. 10 second cooldown. Mirage says nothing so enemies don't know what happened but has a 50% chance of letting out a quiet chuckle when someone shoots at the hologram cockpit. Typical Mirage….

That's all for now folks. I got inspired by Fortnite's Thanos bossfight gamemode which I really enjoyed and thought Apex legends needed something awesome and interesting. I know this is a bit much and if the devs ever did something like this it would take lots of time and money. My first time doing anything so all helpful comments are appreciated! 🙂


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