Elf and Onion Soup needs a buff

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I know the card is suppose to be a meme but after trying so hard to make this card work in 2 separate Skellige decks I think I can officially conclude that its got to be the worst points for provisions I have seen on any card. I've been eating soup for a week and these are my thoughts:

The best conversion for bronze cards is two of Germain's cows at 1 provision each for a random bronze. I have never gotten anything worth more than 6 points. Usually I get a card worth 4 or 5 points. That usually nets you around 3/4 points on bronzes.

So I quit that. I moved on to putting golds in the stew.

It doesn't get much better. I always try to put Crow Mother in the soup (knowing she'll come back later so she is essentially free) so it usually comes down to my second addition. At 2 points, Ermion's not bad (he usually pulls Elf/Onion since its an alchemy). Theres also Yen of Veng who I play in my beast swarm list. Madoc makes for a spicy ingredient in my bomb control list as he's also kind of free if you can play a bomb later in the round. Best case scenario is if you can put a purified Morkvarg in the stew as he just comes back immediately (a nice option for your extra Gremist purifies).

But only once have I ever gotten a card worth more than 8 points from the soup.

If you go the gold route, even with crow mother shenanigans, you are usually paying at least 2 points and a unit to play something that's worth less than 8 prov on average for a 6 prov card.. Not to mention the amount of set up and prep required to pull of a decent stew!

The stew taketh but it does not giveth.

I don't think they can lower the prov on it anymore and it still be a gold card so these are my suggestions:

  • It creates and plays a card with prov that are the average of the 2 cards you put into the soup.
  • The 2 cards that go in the soup need to be the same rarity (not border color) and it creates and plays and card from the next rarity up.
  • It only creates cards from your faction, not neutrals. Its always the neutrals that dont help and there are so many of them.

I know I'm the only one playing this card but its just so bad for a 6 prov gold. Maybe theres a deathwish deck that this fits better into but I'm building my deck around it and prepping rounds just to pull this card off and I'm still struggling to break even on points per prov. You'll never make your prov worth on eating two bronzes and you'll be hard pressed to even get a good deal on your golds. As for this stew: I'm full, no more thanks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/olnv1a/elf_and_onion_soup_needs_a_buff/

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