Elite Dangerous Christmas List for development in 2022

Here’s my wishlist! Santa Braben, I’ve really been an awful good boy!

  • More guns from different manufacturers, like a ballistic shotgun or a charge up laser cannon!

  • Hover bikes that go FAST!

  • Actual mining mechanics for planetary surfaces!

  • Landable SLFs!

  • Better performance on older hardware!

  • New ships with role bonuses, like a mining ship with a built-in refinery!

  • Better multicrew turret experience and turrets that don’t do absolute PANTS for damage when manned by a player!

  • Ship-based anti-personnel weapons, or something like “point defense” but for people!

  • In-depth procedural mission chains. Let me meet a person in need and make a friend while I help them out with a set of consistently themed and linked problems. Follow-on missions on steroids!

  • More legal on-foot combat missions!

  • Some way to earn engineering materials from Frontline Solutions!

Yeah, I know most if not all of these won’t happen, but even though I grew up poor I still put ridiculous stuff in my Christmas list in the hopes that Santa would come through for me.

What do you want from Santa Braben? I want to know!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qpoa7w/elite_dangerous_christmas_list_for_development_in/

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