Everything thats broken in EFT currently

Flea Market;

Results in trader items being sold less than the trader price yet more than the trader offers to buy it from you. Also leads to the game economy being heavily botted and easy access for currency/item sellers to be exchanged for real world money. PMC loadout wise it gives every player access to increase their economy quicker and unlimited access to gear/weapons well below their level. Flea Market needs to be restricted to only selling of keys.


EFT currently has seven maps. Only two of those maps dont have raider and or boss potential spawns. This system is designed around end-game PMC loadouts and to deter hatchlings. Making for a abysmal leveling experience for raiders/bosses give no audible sound queues prior to shooting and stay hidden till in close proximity. A visual indicator needs to be implemented for PMC's that a Scav Boss is on the map. Can be something subtle like a specific few lights flickering on the map.

Player Scavs;

Introduction of off-raid healing has helped further deter hatchlings. Byproduct of this is players spamming their Scav when off cooldown. Making matters worse is that the Player Scav loadout is superior to leveling players. For instance my last two Scavs had a FAL then a VSS. Separate issue is that Raids become flooded with Player Scavs 10 minutes into the Raid. Player Scav loadout needs to be brought back to before its buff and Player Scavs can only join after half the Raid length has completed. Player Scav cooldown needs to be pushed to 40-60 minutes. With max level hideout bringing it down to 20 minutes.


Are heavily broken. Ones designed to help level your character are paced incorrectly forcing the user to repeat actions they already moved past. Trader items are locked behind quest chains that make zero sense.


All items a traders sell through their levels need to be made available to the user no matter their loyalty. For instance if im level 1 Prapor and wanted to purchase a level 4 item from Prapor. Cost of that item would be 75% more expensive than if i was loyalty level 4. At level 1 a level 2 item would be 25% increase and level 3 would be 50% increase. Each decreasing by 25% as loyalty level increases.

Weapon mods, Quests and Traders;

Mosin quest chain is the closest to perfection with how completing quests open up better mods for that weapon. The criteria of those quests are broken. For instance get X PMC kills with the Mosin at 5m or less, get X PMC headshot kills at 100m across numerous maps, land leg shots and so on. Baseline for opening up mods for that weapon as you complete quests should be echoed across all other major weapons. Follow the Destiny2 weapon quests by changing Scav or PMC kills to calibrate. Where a Scav grants limited percentage with PMC and Bosses granting the most.


.12 patch was needed in terms of increasing user stability and aim of progression towards ones hideout. Prior systems put in place to combat user exploitation or increased options has led to an avalanche of broken systems.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dsn6cf/everything_thats_broken_in_eft_currently/

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