Exiled Island : Middle Earth

Hey guys!

I love Valheim. Everything about it is awesome, and the OG game has a special place in my heart.

But the OG game to some extent is also kind of easy. In literally every way possible.

Enter Exiled Island: a modded Valheim server that contains multiple, custom maps (Ubiron, Middle Earth, Skyrim, and a couple others), a rudimentary class system, a rudimentary spell system, and a whole bunch of other subtle details that really fleshes out the core systems. Also difficult af.

More specifically, I'd love to have more people join me in Middle Earth! I'm trying to get some sort of starting area for new players built up so it's not so brutal for newcomers.

Whats my favorite part of the server? The difficulty and the added enemies. The creators have implemented their own leveling system that pervades the game, and plays with the original stats in various ways. When you die, you DO NOT, drop an inventory totem. Everything on you is lost. All levels obtained are reset to zero. The enemies, everywhere, are buffed to shit. Charging boar's will look half your health in one hit, greydwarves at night come in swarms (predictable) and are heavily buffed given the leveling system. The minor annoyance they once provided has turned to pure dread whenever I see more than one. And then there's Grigs. Ah Grigs. These are gargoyles come to life that can teleport to you and deliver a one shot. Should go without saying, going out at night time = no bueno.

Anyways, I encourage anyone to give it a look: https://discord.gg/zgAuxmMa

Hope to see you in Middle Earth. If you decide to give it a go, head on to Wild Area 1, go south by southwest and follow the signs until you see a build area for Two Oak Tavern and Havans Port. I've started in the region of Gondor, where I, Bjorn, a former smiths apprentice is trying to make a new start.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n4zn1w/exiled_island_middle_earth/

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