Exit campers are skilless toxic scum who do nothing but tilt people and turn new players away.

And before someone says "Just got to another extract hur dur" or "toss a grenade in ez dude" yeah thats what you do on a lot of maps but Interchange you only get one extract as PMC since powerstation is the most unreliable thing to ever exist.

I was running interchange with my girlfriend since she got a gaming PC on xmas and she was catching up to me with quests. Sadly she ended up loading in but her game bugged due to the servers. So she was just standing there and not able to get in. I had to kill her and stash her shit. Frustration number one.

Spawned on IDEA side. So had to run to emercom. On the way got a spicy snipe on a pmc. Got decent loot. Not that much. 100 150k in loot. But the fight was really fun. Sniped him in the head but it ricocheted off his helm so i had to face pop him with ny mp grach. Barely survived.

Healed up. Looted. Go towards extract. Almost there. Go between the break in the fence that leads to the forestcby emercom. As soon as i jump thriugh riddled with bullets by a silenced AS Val.

I didnt have much loot. So that wasnt that angering but it still got me pissed this geared guy was just prone in the forest waiting for peole to extract out of the only extraction on the map for people who spawned IDEA. I wont say the dudes name since im pretty sure its against the rules but lets call him McFuckTTV. I go to his ttv because im curipus and im greeted with "yee got him" in the most inbred piece of shit voice ive ever heard. Turns out dude has a friend and they borh have thermals and heavy ass thicc gear watching the extract. One watching each side. And upon further watching dude had like 20mil rubles in loot. Level 35. And they were being toxic as shit. "Got another dumb fuck" is what the dude always said whenever he sniped people at extract. Which would always get a retarded chortle from his teamate in response.

Dude had a YT when i google his username. Dude has literally 20 5 minute videos of him being on interchange camping the same spot eith his JO homie next to him. Getting hyped with each cheap ass kill.

I cant even imagine how frustrating it would be for a new player to almost get their first extract just to have some neackbeard having hotpocket breath moms basement dwelling boys killing them at extract.

Fuck these toxic pieces of shit. I hope the dude gets falsely banned by anticheat

And im sure some extract campers will downvote me and leave a comment like "ItZ TaRKov SOme PEopLe LiKe ThAT plaYstyLE"
But no. You fuck off right god damn now. Its toxic. End of story. Theyre the same type of people who corner camp in COD because they suck cock at the game and the only way they can win is with cheap shit like that. i know Tarkov isnt cod and camping is nessecary but wheb you do nothing but extract camp youre a mouth breathing brother-daddy mom fucker.

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    git gud

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