Finally made it!

After nearly 22,000LY, a huge panic moment in the middle of the Black, and a couple of million in repairs, integrity and restocking costs… I'm finally HERE!

I arrived at Bolden's Enterprise in the Tir system an hour ago, wrote this post, watched Reddit eat the text, and wrote it again. I turned in 32 million credits worth of exploration data including numerous "first discoveries". (I was out for the road trip, not the discoveries; I stopped to discover once in a while, and to get materials). Also I didn't know about composition scanning, or discovering new systems (until I asked here).

Thank you SO MUCH to all the thoroughly awesome people liking my pictures, helping me with links to ex-game resources, and generally answering my dumbass n00b questions. Without you all I would now be at "the nearest station" engaged in a rebuy. I have learned SO MUCH on this epic trip.

Also, I've gone from "20 jumps? What a trek!" to "ONLY 55 jumps to go! W00t!".

Next step is to build a nice cheap "burner" mining ship, and then go see my good friend Marsha for some engineering help and to pin some kickass blueprints. Then it's a trip to Sag A* just for shits and giggles, and the long hike home to Arcturus. On the way back I might dawdle, and explore, more than I did on the way here… it's fun. I have plans when I get home. But that's at least a couple of weeks away!



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