Time to lay off Apex Legends. It’s been a good run…

  1. Season 6 is just isn't it. The game doesn't feel like Apex anymore. Feels like I'm playing Warzone with no time to react. With the lowered TTK, less health on the shields along with the OP weapons, just makes the problem twice as painful. No possibility of potential outplays anymore.

  2. Each game in a pub feels like ranked. Pubs don't feel like pubs anymore. With all these changes, it feels like the game has become more of a struggle. The meta is very campy just like how you play in ranked. Nobody pushes. Cannot push either.

  3. The lowering of the skill gap was a big mistake and will regret this in the future. This will only make more people leave the game than retain. Getting good and reaching a particular skill cap has been rendered useless coz of the "spray and pray" and campy meta.

  4. So many bugs that have been around since the inception of the game. One of them being the silent footsteps. How many more seasons will it take them to fix a problem that has been around for so long? Many of us expected a fix for this one thing in particular but it has only gotten worse.

  5. The matchmaking is horrendous. Pubs is bad. But it's all the more worse in ranked. If Respawn had a proper, working matchmaking system system, lowering the skill gap wouldn't have to have been a solution.

Many of you here, on this subreddit be are the "If you don't speak positive about the game you're being toxic" crowd and don't expect anyone to criticize this game in any way. This is the truth and a hard pill to swallow for many. But this game is going to shit since this season dropped. The Devs need to do something about this otherwise it'll be the death of the game.

The game as of season 6 felt more like job rather than a game. It's been a good run…

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