FIR is ruining the game

I started playing last wipe and compared to how it is now the game takes even more grind and everything costs tons, before the flea market would sell any item but now they are limited basically to what can spawn in raid and what can spawn on raiders and scavs, I feel like this has been driving up the cost of attachments to an unattainable degree as well as making the sale of certain items impossible. Even though Tarkov has been growing and new players are joining which should technically bring the costs down as more players are looting and killing raiders but I feel as if this can never match how it was pre FIR. I believe this also encourages boosting since everything costs more and therefore more people turn to boosting to get roubles.

The grind I talked about at the start is even worse now that attachments cost tons and it feels as if I need to play everyday to level up recoil control so that I can actually get shots on target.


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