First time I can’t get into pro rank (Monsters)

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I've been an MO-exclusive player since Beta and even though I only started playing seriously 1 year ago, this is the first time since then I've been hard stuck at rank 2.

In the past I got into pro running Kelly, then Koschey, then recently Relicts, but I have been getting absolutely destroyed on ladder since 9.4. I prefer to run homebrew Relicts as I'm a big fan of pointslam and not control decks, but my winrate on average is around 45-50%. In particular I'm getting dominated in every SK rain matchup; even if I banish their Melusine and Rioghan, I still lose because of Fucusya / MotS, in addition to rain disabling my Selfeaters (my fav card). MM spam matchup also sucks because I only run Heatwave for control, but I'm sure that card will get nerfed, so no point talking about that now.

Right now it seems like the only competitive MO deck is double Kelly, but I really hate running strats that involve abusing strong cards, because it feels very gimmicky and I think it's just a symptom that a faction is in a bad spot when that actually becomes a legit strat (never touched Viy even as an MO fanboy).

So far I've tried Yaga Relicts, SWK Relicts, control Relicts (it sucked), Frost devotion, Frost madoc control, FoN Koschey, Arachas Midrange, single Kelly (too susceptible to tall punish), Carapace Neutrals (Ciri + Nithral + Regis + Quax), Carapace Relicts, and Gerni Midrange, but none of them really worked out for me, in particular against meta decks (SK rain, NR MM spam, ST handbuff), even with Xavier and sometimes Yrden in greedy lists.

Anyone have any Relict/Koschey/Deathwish lists that got them to pro pretty consistently? I want to play Koschey again because he's the list I enjoyed playing the most in the past, but it just feels lackluster compared to things like Mammuna / Voorhis + Snowdrop now.


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