Found in Raid Keys

I’m wondering what everyone else thinks about the state of keys on the flea market. So far I am enjoying the change to only FIR items on the flea, however it just occurred to me after finding west wing 222 that if I take it with me to try my luck for a red keycard (which I’ll likely never find) it would lose FIR status. As someone who doesn’t run a ton of shoreline it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use the key because I would never be able to sell it. The previous state of keys made sense to me, when you buy it you are obtaining an asset that increases your probability of getting good loot. If you grow tired of a map or haven’t had any luck with the loot in a room you could sell it and recoup some of your investment. In the current state, keys are going to be much more expensive on the flea market because they must have never been used. I am all for increasing the difficulty of getting to the good loot, but the spawn rates of most good keys are incredibly low. It might be the intention of BSG to have us value our keys more, but it seems very harsh that you shouldn’t be able to resell a key after using it. I might even support something like keeping FIR status so long as the key is in the ownership of the person who extracted with it originally or purchased it (to prevent RMT). Idk just my 2¢, would love to hear what other people are thinking about it.
Edit: I’m sure there are some errors in here, I’m on mobile forgive me


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