Fun facts about Dip in the Pontar and Shakedown

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Both of them play for 3 Points, 3 Coins. Dip in the Pontar does 3 damage while Shakedown boosts an allied unit by 3. Lined Pockets adds 1 Coin from its passive effect.

This makes them 4 Provision cards that automatically play for 7 points, unconditionally. No devotion required.

Here's the fun part. Cleaver converts those 4 coins into 5 points, making each coin worth 1.25 each. Tunnel Drill can convert 2 coins into 3 damage, making each coin worth 1.5 points each. Sea Jackal converts 2 coins into 3 boost, also making each coin worth 1.5 points each.

This means that these 4p bronze cards have floors of 7 points with easily obtainable ceilings of 8 or 9 points since coins can be stored and used later. We haven't even discussed about how they activate Intimidate for other cards.

Welcome to power creep!


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