Game just feels like I’ve already lost if I lose R1

Yennefer's Journey

Round control just wins you the match, everything either has a super strong short R3 or is exceptionally good at pushing R2. You win R1, bleed out their wombo-combo and then play your own.

It’s frustrating because it feels like some of the tactical depth of the game is disappearing, everyone plays down to their last card to win R1 now – even committing cards that are much better later – because it seems like everyone is thinking the same

ST win if they win R1 because they bleed R2 and kill you short R3 with Vernoissel, or else they have some Gord mischief

Wild Hunt has some Ozzrel/pointslam short R3. Or else Kelly in which case you either have a fuck-ton of tall removal and win R1 to bleed Witches Sabbath or you lose

Siege just 2-0s you unless you get round control and bleed out the scenario

SY wins with KOB/Savolla short R3

NG seems to be running more Mill/Clog again which is obviously win R1 or lose. If it’s not Clog it’s Calveit which means win R1 or else die to their super strong R2

It’s got to the point where I feel like I can basically just forfeit if I lose R1, round control is just the whole game now


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