Game not hard enough?

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

The first time I played this game I died a lot, but after starting my second game I dont die at all unless I'm fighting a boss (solo)

Valheim is on of my favorite games ever, but once you "crack the code" it becomes extremely easy. I think there need to be some type of redesign of the survival aspect of the game. Perhaps a scaling difficulty, where meadows are still noob friendly but the others are much more harsher. At first the plains was terrefying, but even Deathsquito's are easy to kill once you know their behavior.

Suggestion: make nighttime into a nightmare, boost the difficulty for each new biome. Build cost should stay the same because grinding is never a good thing, but difficulty is.

What are your thoughts?

edit: gatekeeping nerds downvote anything that ruins their e-cool. "How dare you have an opinion on this game thats different from mine. I will downvote you and delete you from my Myspace page"


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