Gankers, a Musing of Murder

I get it. I really do. You might be role-playing as one, or just "getting your gun off". All fine. I'm not one for preaching how a game should be played. Yet here is my problem.

On PC there are a legion of players involved in pvp, likely for every ganker there is an anti-ganker. And therein lies the risk, and, importantly, the challenge. At any moment you might just bite off more than you can chew, or more worryingly, be interdicted and engaged by another. None of this exists on consoles.

I was shipping computer components for the current CG in my heavy as a moon, slower than dirt, weak as a wet paper bag, T9 when I was interdicted and promptly destroyed by a 'Vette. A truly terrifying machine.

Fine. Playing in open, it's to be expected now and then. I laughed off the 10million credit experience, respawned and went to get more components.

My problem with it was that there was no reason to destroy my ship like that. Had he hailed me and demanded the release of my cargo, I would have gleefully agreed. That would have been a solid piracy play. Alas, the gunfire was all the player offered.

My demise was a matter of seconds, bringing me to the initial issue I have. There was no risk, no challenge, but crucially no reward. Other than a bounty on their head this player gained nothing, either in game or out.

If they wanted a pvp scrap, I'd have popped back to get my chief, at least that would have offered them a bit of a challenge, admittedly not much, but some.

Maybe I miss the point of it all. Who knows. It just strikes me that ganking is boring and pointless on console.

Fly safe cmdrs


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