Gear fear

Hey guys, I played tarkov for 3 months now and this wipe I am extra nervous about my gear, I run zhuk-6a (lvl6 armor) and altyn (lvl5 helmet and face shield). I run with an M4A1 with M956A1 packed, I am not bad at the game but I'm relatively new to tarkov. I come from CSGO where an enemy can literally be camping in any corner of the map that exist and knowing that ppl can camp, I think same about tarkov that if I go factory, other 5 players will be camping and waiting for me and I will have no time to react and will die. Every time I check corners in apartments, dumpsters or underground, I'm like panicking because if I check one corner then I will die because the guy is in another corner, even in woods I think there will be one acchole that will wait until the 5 minute mark just to snipe me across the map. I did interchange with 2 of my buddies and I feel just fine, I own everyone and don't feel like there are campers. Talking about armor, I'm packing the best armor in the game basically but IM STILL really scared of pushing anything on factory. Help pls, idk how I can calm my shti down. Are there any spots i should and should not be worrying about? I panic pushing buildings or around corners for no reason because of CS:GO experience once again, hElP


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