Going from Duo to Solo, what to do?

I'm losing my gaming partner until the end of the year and will be solo on our server. We've completed all but Yagluth, have some cute bases on 3 continents, we play vanilla and don't plan to change that. Just trying to figure out how to fill my time for the next 6 months while solo since I don't want to go after Yagluth without them. Ideas so far:

Fully explore the world, continent by continent, starting from Alpha base, mapping every resource I find.

Build bases (or at least travel-stop cabins) in every biome of every continent and sizable enough island.

Restore every building I come across.

Try to make a lighthouse?

Finally figure out how to tame things, we haven't worried too much about this in our gameplay.

Build a naval base with at least two of each boat.

Any other ideas on how to while away my time? I could always go play in a new server as well, exploring a whole new map. And, hopefully, there will be new content to explore during this period.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nabtvq/going_from_duo_to_solo_what_to_do/

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