Having issues taking on big players.
I wanna be clear, I’m not whining and I absolutely love this game I’m not angry right now and I’m not saying it’s cheap I just seem to never be able to take any higher levels on unless I’m running my hunter with a maybe or I just get the drop on them while they’re already hurt. I’m a pretty accurate shot I can definitely do good long range and I’ve learned how to hit far accurately enough to be able to handle myself in most situations, I’m not insanely rich on there I’ll follow the game for years but only got a PC back in January and I think the most money I’ve had is 1.3 million but I pretty much fluctuate from 100k to 1mill. The reason my money doesn’t climb a lot is because I played with a friend every day and we’re not really focusing on the quest we’ve done quite a few of them but we’re kind of just playing and having fun since the wipe is most likely soon, So will do actual money runs and big stuff and then will just run a bunch of factories and kind of have fun try out different weapons and stuff. The issue I’m having If there’s times I will Go in with just a basic akms and fuck around And times we will Actually get a good kit and go in but it feels like every time We run in to a higher level player we just get shredded. Two examples were earlier today when I had Class six armor and an AK 74 with 60 round mags a sight and a silencer a laser and a fore grip And I stopped in a corner to eat and right as I finished I heard somebody coming underneath me and reloading so they come up the ramp with their back to me and I ADS and unload and he spins around and two taps me. He was the only guy that I had engage besides the head tap I had at the beginning and my hit count was 20. Meaning I hit him with 19 BT rounds.
The next time I head slowly moved up underneath the stairs by cellar on factory, And I heard someone come and he jumped down the steps this time I had class five armor and the same exact AK ( I really like it setup with the stuff I use.) Flick my laser on right as I heard him jumping and I unload and he strafe back-and-forth and he took me out ( this was in the hall thing by cellar so you can’t rally dodge bullets so I had to hit him) again I had killed 4 guys with head taps and my hit count was 22. So 18 rounds.
The key here is that I’m not necessarily mad I’m not winning the fight, i’m aggravated because it’s like I’m not even touching them like I can’t even compete at all do you know you can hear people even as you’re dying and there’s no coughing there’s no limping as I’m falling down and as I said I’m 99% of the time I play with my friend and usually one of us will survive and have blatantly talked about how the other guy is perfectly fine and we’re still engaging him And he just seems to be eating rounds.
The first time I was aiming down sight And the second I could see that my laser had moved left to right across his upper chest neck area no I know there’s ammo that’s a little bit better than BT or BP or BS But I just feel like I should be doing some damage considering when I’m running her armor that’s usually what people hurt me with when I take them down and then Loot their stuff. So I’m not bitching about the game other than the fact I’m ready for the wipe to be here and I’m not saying that I should win every fight or even those two fights, I’m just saying I’m pretty confident I can hold my own in almost any situation except when we just get somebody with like an M4 thats decked out And it’s like we don’t even phase him.
Any tips would be appreciated just kind of looking for feedback on ideas of different tactics to do I’m not the greatest player but like I said Ive followed the game forever and watch Pestily raid series, karma, General Dan, etc. So I picked up on a lot of tips along the way but it just seems like I don’t stand a chance against any of them.

If it helps some of the gear I run a lot is the Adar with a sight silencer usually and 55a1 or 56a1
The AK74 and AK74M
Hunters and SA58 with M80 rounds.
And unless we’re just trying to do a cheap get in there and fuck around raid I use class four armor or above
Always a helmet with a face shield.
And I have health on me constantly in my gamma.
Cms a salewa or IfAK painkillers alu splints. The whole nine yards.
And my play style is semi-aggressive, I usually do good knowing when to push and when to rotate.


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