How I got out of guardian (2-4) rank to crusader 2 in a span of 3 weeks.

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Hello friends. I've been in the guardian rank for far too long mostly varying between guardian 2-4. A lot of my friends play dota and 4 of them are between herald 3 to guardian 2. I have 2 friends who are high crusaders and 2 more who vary between low to mid archon. Most of us play for ranked but we try out new heroes in party of 5.

  1. So the first thing I changed was my versatility.
    I main pos5 and I made my hero pool small 5 heroes (Winter, Ancient apparition, lion, vengeful spirit, shadow shaman). My other friends weren't interested in this low hero pool gameplay except the archon 3 friend.

My this mid archon friend is an excellent midplayer and I think he should have a higher rank.

  1. Taking advantage of his good understanding of mid heroes we abused the meta. He picks TA and I go for a ranged support to maximise camp stacking. At the start I try to give my pos1 a good lane, when the wave is near our tower I stack camps for my mid. This leads to 2x-3x camps stacked in the primary jungle till minute 7. If my pos 1 feels safe alone I go to the ancient side and keep stacking ancients and the hard camp. As soon as my TA is done farming the camps in the primary jungle, he gets enough items to farm the huge ancient stack and hard camp giving him a huge boost. My TA snowballs very hard and our core gets free farm because we are all over the enemy map killing heroes.

  2. We also spammed Vengeful-Luna at safelane. Similar strategy, stack camps and let luna get big.

  3. At this level most people don't stack camps at all or either contest the enemy stack. Even though it is common knowledge that if the enemy has luna or ta, there will be tons of stacked camps.
    Enemies only contest stacked camps if they spot it out, so my strategy was to ward routes that will tell me if the enemy support is coming to ward or get runes. Before he comes near the camps i used all my spells to make him run away so that he doesn't see the stacked camps (works every time)

  4. Because i am mostly sitting in jungle stacking camps, i am usually low level. So i have to be extremely fast at buying the first tome as soon as it comes because everyone wants the tome in this tier

  5. Playing with a smaller hero pool helped me increase my understanding and mechanics of these heroes to a great extent. I got a 9 win streak with winter, 8 win streak with venge, 5 win streak with lion and AA and a 6 win streak with shaman.

The summary of how I increased so much mmr is campstacking, small hero pool and abusing meta heroes.

Thankyou for coming to my ted talk


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