How is Sabrina still untouched after the lacerate buff? Same provisions and it’s worse than it’s neutral counterpart

Yennefer's Journey

Sabrina Glevissig vs Lacerate

Cons :

  • Optimal damage 16 – optimal damage 18

  • Cannot play in a full row – Not a problem

  • Needs setup with a ping ready to go – no setup required

  • Waste one ping of damage – Nothing wasted

  • Cannot work on a row with defender – Defender not a problem

Pros(?) :

  • Can proc a revenant, although lacerate would probably do the same after using it

  • Keeps devotion (But untutorable with AA for obvious reasons)

  • Can block an almost full row (Extremely rare to find such use and could end up playing for negative points if opponent buffs it etc)


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