I don’t think people take the psychological side of this game into account.

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Sooo many posts, sick of smurfs, people in my team throwing, this (insert rank) sucks!

Justifications ranging from matchmaking, incompetent team mates, account buyers, smurfs, boosters and the list goes on!

What I dont think people really talk about is the psychological impact.

For me, well… took a break, played ranked and I put in everything, up'd my mmr by almost a 1k. Strats used…great communcation, ignoring flaming, ignoring the smurfs just trying my best.

I kept this up for a while, but then…. I lost a game I knew we could have won, then another, had a dc and there we go…. slowly, but sure started communicating less, more impatient etc

Fast forward a bit, now I am the one flaming… seeing stupid shit calling gg, calling gg in the draft, keeping quiet, using my chatwheel against my team. The very thing I complain about… Something I dont see mentioned in a lot of the posts…. its like binary logic, I'm either a saint, or toxic. I honestly feel like you can be both.

To me this game is 50% ability and 50% mental ability. If you go down that bad mental path even if your game ability is great, it's going to get challenging….

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q25fjv/i_dont_think_people_take_the_psychological_side/

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