I hate among us

REMEMBER, I DO NOT HAVE THAT GREAT ENGLISH WRITING SO DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE TEXT IF YOU FIND MISSPELLS. If you find something that you kant read good i kan accept you to point that out in this. SO LETS BEGING

So i dont hate it, its good game and all, BUT (whit loud but) I hate the community and you can maby think why. If not, the reason is because… there are many types of players that i personally hate
1. THE LOW IQ. Once i plaid one game and then i got voted out due to impostor saying that i was the other impostor, when i said i had visual task no one cared and were like OMG HES THE IMPOSTOR CUZ THE OTHER ONE SAID SO. huoh big bruh moment
2. HACKERS/CHEATERS You know why i think. So you can find em anywhere ewen tiktok just trynna get some likes and getting people hacked. but BUT THE WORST PART WASN'T THERE, IF HACKER IS THE LEADER HE CAN BAN YA FROM TELLING THE TRUTH. Once one left due to me chatshing em in act. CHEATERS on the other hand be like in cals and something and then eweryone else are so win thirsty they just go as others say.
3. BULLIES / ANNOYING PEOPLE. I and you cnow why there isnt much to say

So yeh i hate the community not the game. Like one once said "dont hate the game, hate the person"
So yea, have a nice day/night depends where you live

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