I have a plan to revive STW and bring Fortnite back to the mainstream as a whole (Save Save the World)

Hey everyone. As you all know, Fortnite’s Save the World mode has been in a state of abandonment for years now. However, what you may not know is that many players have quit playing Battle Royale as well, around the release of Chapter 2 Season 1. Myself and many others have continued to play both modes, but miss the soul the game used to have in its earlier seasons, from the release of Battle Royale in 2017 until the introduction of Chapter 2. By utilizing these trends, our community can work together to bring players new and old to Save the World, and possibly change all modes of Fortnite for the better.

The Plan:
During my time on TikTok, I have noticed that there is a particularly large audience for Fortnite “nostalgia” videos: clips and montages of the game’s “glory days”. These viewers often wish they could somehow relive and experience this part of the game’s history again. This is where STW comes into play. By advertising it as a gateway to Fortnite’s past, our community can make several “nostalgia” TikToks encouraging viewers to try Save the World. Some important points to bring up would be the old graphics and map, “OG” weapons, and a break from the building BR is known for. By successfully appealing to the interests of Fortnite’s former playerbase, we can breathe new life into STW.

Change for the Future:
If we succeed in bringing players back to STW, hopefully Epic Games will realize that Fortnite’s true potential lies in its roots. My plan is to encourage Epic to continue updating Save the World, and reincorporate Battle Royale’s older style. Thank you for reading, and if anyone has any other ideas or criticisms, please leave a comment. Have a great day!

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