I have the urge to play this game all the time but never bring myself to press the play button…

It's not because I have gear fear, die all the time, or sick of desync… its because I can't stand all the down time.

If this game was updated with shorter load times, more responsive menus, and a quicker matchmaking system I would probably ONLY play Tarkov. But as it stands now its just a massive amount of time between loading/matchmaking and actually playing the game which stops me from even launching it.

Personally I would rather have those items listed above adjusted before anything else gets patched in – but I know it's not going to happen.

Anyone else feel this way?

Edit: A lot of people have suggested adding more servers to my list, which I have done. Hopefully that speeds up the matchmaking. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Edit 2: I keep seeing people talking about how fast things load on an SSD. I agree, loading the map and loot is pretty fast on an SSD but that is not what I am talking about.. here is a list of the things I am frustrated about:

  1. Matchmaking.. sometimes its 1.5 min, sometimes its closer to 10 min. Average I would say for me is 3 minutes. This is probably the most frustrating wait time.
  2. Opening the game – I wish our profile data would load a lot faster. Its nitpicky but its annoying to me after so many hours.
  3. Medic menu after a raid sometimes takes 3-5 minutes. Really frustrating after a particular rough death.
  4. The game has a lot of menu navigating in it and waiting for items and buttons to be accessible after clicking on a trader or the flea market gets old fast. I know it will probably never be instant but its not even consistent right now and again, its nitpicky, but when you play a lot it just gets irritating.. to me anyway.
  5. After you finish a raid you have to load all your profile data again it seems and it always takes close to a minute, sometimes more.

All of those little things add up over time and make the game feel like a slog to navigate through sometimes. Everything feels very stuttery and clunky currently – imo.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/o0h5ol/i_have_the_urge_to_play_this_game_all_the_time/

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