I miss the big expansion hype!

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I remember starting out with Gwent. It was 10 days before Way of the Witcher got released. The forums and YT channels were on FIRE. The hype was so real you could basically smell it in the air! All the cool (and some broken) cards revelead, people theorycrafting, etc etc… It felt like a holiday for me!

That hype and excitement is next-to non-existant with this new approach to expansions. How can anybody get hyped for 4 new cards (of his/her favorite faction)? Theorycrafting literally died. Why would anybody bother?

We don't even have proper expansions kegs. You have to fish them out of faction and ultimate kegs. That's super exciting! /s Oh yeah- and once we get the expansion kegs, 90% of the playerbase will already have all the cards they wanted, and those kegs will become obsolete- except for new players… Oh, wait.They will be obsolete even for new players because nobody ever bothered with prior expansions kegs. Every beginner buys faction kegs. That's why they axed the old expansion kegs out of the shop.

Why couldn't we have 3 expansions per year (every 4 months), with monthly updates that are ACTUALLY based on the state of that months meta? CDPR's idea is commendable, but anyone who is a regular on this sub can, very clearly, feel the shift in the atmosphere. There is no excitement. People are leaving- we can all feel it.

"Meeeeeh" is literally the best and most precise way to convey my current emotions about this game. I found myself booting it up a few times in these past 2 months but I can't bring myself to play ranked because I already know what's waiting for me. I just quit the game and let out a sigh.

I hope the Haloween event injects some life into this game.

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