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I’ve come to a conclusion. I’m going to stop playing this game everyday. This game cannot be enjoyed if you only have an hour to play at a time. My Daily schedule doesn’t allow me to play games for more than an hour usually. Weekends might give me a few hours of free time so my indulgence in this game will be reserved for days where I can put more than 2 hours at a time into this game.

My conclusion is more or less derived from my experience in tarkov this past week. I had an average of 50 minutes to play every night. Now, considering a raid being 45 minutes on most maps, and my average time in raid being 30 minutes, that leaves me with about 1 raid per night( not including scav raids).

This isn’t a complaint. The game is fun, and I understand it’s designed to be difficult and require the utmost attention. However, I am not good. (Inb4 git gud). This being established, I die in an average raid.

Now, having established these facts, I get no sense of fulfillment or enjoyment out of playing one raid a day wherein I die. Not to mention, this results in a net decrease in profit and stats, as well as a net decrease in my effectiveness at this game as I cannot just load into another raid to try and avoid mistakes made in the raid previous.

Once again I am not complaining. I am simply putting my perspective out there to the tarkov community with the intention of receiving feedback whether that be positive or constructive.


I wonder how many players feel like this? It's an interesting and valid summary of his feelings and how players who do only get a small time per day to play, add all these with EFT's issues and it 100% would drive away a casual playerbase.

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